Thursday, November 20, 2014

Grammar Rules - David Crystal

The Linguistics and English Language Society (LAEL) of Lancaster University are today visited by the renowned linguist David Crystal. He is to give a talk with the title "Grammar Rules". I learned about this on the book of faces through my friend Daniel Ezra Johnson. I said I assumed that the second word in the title was a verb and not a noun, and then he made this image here below. I thought it was very sweet and that I should share it with all of you. Nota bene, we do now yet know if it is a noun or a verb, as it stands now it's rather ambiguous. I'm rooting for verb though.

David Crystal has written a lot, a lot of great books, both for linguists and for the public. If you're interested in linguistics but maybe don't always want to read heavy academic prose, he's books are a good place to start. Learn more here on his website.

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